If you desire to protect your newly developed product or new method exclusively, you may consider applying for a national and/or international patent protection. As a proprietor of a patent you may prohibit third parties for a restricted period of time to use your patented invention commercially. In order to qualify for a patent, the invention needs to comply with three requirements:

  • Absolute novelty i.e. the invention should not have been made known publically before the filing date of the patent application (some countries may have exceptions);
  • Innovative; the invention should not be considered to be obvious to any expert;
  • Industrial applicability.

The Netherlands

The grant of a patent results from the inventive contents of a prior patent-application. Not only it should contain a full description of your invention, but the patent claims do define the extent of your protection and thus your exclusive rights to prohibit others. The duration of the patent-to grant-procedure is sometimes controlled by your own discretion. You determine when (or if) the next step in the procedure is to be taken and thus if any additional expenses will be made, e.g. for PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) International and European patent applications. Any, patent maintenance fees are to be paid in order to keep your application and/or patent alive.

Other Countries

Patent rights are e.g. granted nationally; you may only attack a Dutch patent infringement on the basis of a valid Dutch patent or a valid Dutch part of a European patent. Several options are at your disposal if you are interested in a patent protection outside The Netherlands also. You may apply for a national patent application in countries of your choice, but it is also possible to “bundle” patent applications in a number of countries as a result of international patent treaties.


Our patent specialists will assist you in all national and international procedures; they will advise you if your product or invention would need patent protection in the first place, and if so, we may draw up the application and perform all required procedures. But in the first place they will outline a tactic for a patent-protection-plan with you in order to eliminate any unexpected, unintentional and unnecessary expenses.

Industrial Experience

In the event of initiating court cases resulting from patent infringement we are able to coordinate and prepare any and all instructions for supporting the patent owner. We have an industrial experience and we know ways and means to take out the best possible legal and strategic approach to increase our client’s chances.