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True specialists in intellectual property

Someone copies your product. Or makes use of your trademark, without your consent. Prevent infringement and protect your intellectual property.

The Muller & Eilbracht lawyers and trademark and patent attorneys know perfectly how.

And they will arrange it from A to Z.

Using IP law in a practical and creative way is an art form

An art that we, as a legal consultancy with 40+ years of experience in the intellectual property right, understand. Both at a national and international level. We use this experience to protect products, inventions or trademarks sustainably and effectively against counterfeit and abuse. For entrepreneurs and for the creative industry. With only one goal: doing justice to you as a designer, creator or inventor.

Protect your trademark, work and unique method or product.

The masters in intellectual property think along with you.

All intellectual property specialisms under one roof

For more than 40 years, legal consultancy firm Muller & Eilbracht has been the address for matters relating to intellectual property. From copyright, patents, trademark protection, design registration to suppression of unfair competition. Our daily mission? To successfully protect trademarks, technical methods and products of our customers. We do this with an open mind, straight and effectively.


40+ years of craftsmanship in IP law

In more than 40 years we have very solid experience in IP law that you benefit from. At national and international level.

Legal understanding

At Muller & Eilbracht, you work together with legal specialists, trademark and patent attorneys who are knowledgeable about intellectual property.

Code is not a starting point

We go for practical problem solutions. The starting point is not the code, but the situation and the wishes of you as a customer. From there we look for a – not necessarily legal – solution that we test against the law.

From international to local

The world is our playground. As legal specialists, we work both nationally and internationally. We effortlessly translate international issues into local solutions.

For startup and multinational

From innovative startup to established multinational. We assist everyone who has to deal with intellectual property law with the best advice and assistance.

Sustainable customer relationships

Sometimes we are the troubleshooter and we quickly assist in an ongoing case. Much more often we are involved with customers and brands for a long time. We see investing in sustainable relationships as an indispensable pillar for your, and therefore our success.





Intellectual property

As a (fashion) designer, concept thinker or product developer you want to protect your work well so that no one uses your creation like that. This can be done through intellectual property law, the specialization of Muller & Eilbracht.


The copyright can exist on a book, painting, but also on a website or tattoo. Our legal specialists help you protect and enforce this right.


An invention that will conquer the world. The patent law experts and Muller & Eilbracht patent attorneys will tell you what to do to protect this exclusively and what the requirements are for a patent.

Design Protection

Effectively protect the appearance of your product or utensil with the design right. Our legal specialists in design law explain how.


Would you like to know more about trademark protection? Ask the Muller & Eilbracht trademark specialists. They know the tricks of the trade when it comes to trademark registration and trademark monitoring.

Fighting unfair competition or competition

As an entrepreneur you want to properly protect developed products and accumulated knowledge. Sometimes the solution lies in fighting unfair competition and not intellectual property law.

Meet the best specialists in intellectual property

The trademark and patent attorneys and lawyers of Muller & Eilbracht make the difference. Meet the best specialists in intellectual property law (IP law). Each and every one of them experienced legal advisors. 

Paul Eilbracht

Paul Eilbracht

Founder/Owner/legal IP advisor

In 1975, Paul Eilbracht founded Muller & Eilbracht. Paul studied Mechanical Engineering in Delft and then joined the business community. There he developed his practical, business-oriented vision on intellectual property. Exactly this vision can be seen in the working method of Muller & Eilbracht. In the Netherlands, Paul Eilbracht is the only broker in industrial property, sworn by the Rotterdam District Court. In addition, Paul is an international patent advisor, recognized Benelux and EU trademark and design attorney and international industrial management consultant for general and worldwide legal intellectual property issues.

Specializations: all aspects of unfair competition.

Member of: AIPPI, INTA, ECTA, MUMM, LES, formerly Chairman of the European Federation of Technology & Innovation Consultants.

David Krantz

David Krantz

Legal IP advisor

David Krantz has been working as an IP advisor for Muller & Eilbracht for more than 30 years. After successfully completing his degree in Dutch Law at Utrecht University, he worked in the business world for several years before turning to intellectual property. In addition to being a recognized Benelux and EU trademark and design attorney, David is also a broker in trademarks, sworn in by the District Court of The Hague.

Specializations: suppression of counterfeit or infringement, strategic IP advice, due diligence investigation.

Member of: BMM, AIPPI, LES, INTA.

Wim van Dokkum

Wim van Dokkum

Dutch and European patent attorney

Wim van Dokkum has been working for Muller & Eilbracht since 2013. Originally a chemical engineer with a diploma from Delft University of Technology, he is a national and international patent advisor and patent attorney. After gaining experience in the R & D and patent departments of various multinationals, he now guides clients of Muller & Eilbracht in the acquisition of national and international patent protection. Wim also independently conducts patent procedures and assists lawyers in conducting patent litigation in court.

Member of: Order of Patent Attorneys, WON.

Cécile Eilbracht

Cécile Eilbracht

Legal IP consultant

Cécile has been working for Muller & Eilbracht for more than 20 years. She studied at the University of Washington (Seattle), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and completed a study in Human Movement Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. In addition to the general IP practice, Cécile also conducts a practice in the area of ​​franchise relations, (international) domain names and other internet-related problems.

Specializations: trademarks, models and copyright, with emphasis on domain names and the internet.

Member of: BMM.

Coen Groenenberg

Coen Groenenberg

Legal IP advisor

Coen Groenenberg has been working for Muller & Eilbracht for over 10 years. He studied Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and was active in various legal advisory positions. Coen is a recognized Benelux and EU trademark and design attorney. He is now active as a lawyer intellectual property law mainly aimed at the worldwide establishment and enforcement of intellectual property rights or the combating of unfair competition.

Member of: BMM

Mélissa Van Assche

Mélissa Van Assche

Patent assistant / lawyer IP law

Mélissa van Assche studied Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). After various IP functions she now works as a patent assistant at Muller & Eilbracht. She assists patent attorneys and supervises patent (renewal) procedures. Melissa is the point of contact for Muller & Eilbracht’s clients for advice on patent protection procedures or strategies.

Fatma Dibooglu

Fatma Dibooglu

Office manager

Fatma is responsible for day-to-day business operations, supporting the team of Muller & Eilbracht lawyers at an operational level in communication, finance and HR. With 15 years of work experience, she is like a fish in water when it comes to organizational management.


From copyright, patents, trademark protection, design registration to suppression of unfair competition. Every day we work as intellectual property advisors to register and protect creative expressions, innovative methods and distinctive trademarks. We do this from the creative heart of The Hague: the dynamic Caballero Fabriek (Caballero Factory). Do you have a question or do you require legal advice? Call and visit us!

How can we help?

Legal advice on protecting your intellectual property? Want to know more about copyright, patents, trademark registration or protecting domain names? Contact the Muller & Eilbracht legal specialists now. We are here for you.

"We are here for you"

Fatma Dibooglu – Office manager

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As a designer, creator, concept thinker or product developer you want to protect your creation well so nobody may use or benefit from  your creation – at least not without your permission. This is possible through the Intellectual Property right, the specialization of Muller & Eilbracht.

The best lawyers and advisers in intellectual property

A product that is almost an exact copy of your work. Someone who takes away your invention or trademark. 

It occurs daily. The legal professionals of  Muller & Eilbracht provide practical legal advice on how to prevent this and how you best protect your trademark, work and technical method by intellectual property rights.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is about rights to intellectual creations such as logos, photographs, music, art, design and inventions. As a creator, you can protect these creations through intellectual property law (IP law). IP law includes copyright, patent rights, (ornamental) design rights, trademark and trade name rights, plant breeders’ rights as well as the suppression of unfair competition. These rights are laid down in both Dutch and international legislation.

Effective protection of your trademark, work and design

The bottom line is that only you, as a creator, have the exclusive right to use your text, your product or invention. Nobody else can copy or use this unless you give permission! The legal professionals of Muller & Eilbracht possess in-depth knowledge in the broad field of IP law. We know very well how you best protect your trademark or product and prevent any kind of  infringement. Both nationally and internationally.

Advice and legal assistance in case of infringement 

Does someone infringe your IP rights? Or are you yourself accused of unlawful use? Then quick and appropriate measures are required. Muller & Eilbracht assists you with legal advice and actions and – if inevitable – with litigation. The key words are always: practical, straightforward, creative and proactive.


An invention that will conquer the world. The experts in patent law and the patent attorneys of Muller & Eilbracht tell you what to do to protect this exclusively and what the requirements are for a patent.

Patent or patent application for an invention 

A golden egg. A hole in the market. If you have found a good solution for a technical problem, you want to protect this new method or invention. This may be done by a patent. The experts in patent law from Muller & Eilbracht know exactly what you need to do. They will guide you through the procedures to be followed, take care of your patent protection and act effectively against patent infringement. 

What is a patent? 

With a patent you will temporarily receive the monopoly on the invention or technique you have developed. In order to obtain a patent, the invention must meet three requirements:

  1. Absolute novelty.

  2. Inventivity.

  3. Industrial applicability.

In short: your invention or technical solution may not exist anywhere else, it is not obvious and must function demonstrably.

"As a patent holder you can prohibit others from using your patented invention commercially for a certain period of time"

Wim van Dokkum – Dutch and European patent attorney

Protecting an idea or product with a patent 

A newly developed product or new technical working method can exclusively be protected through a national – or international patent application. As a patent holder you can prohibit others from using your patented invention commercially for a certain period of time. In order to obtain a valid patent, the invention must satisfy the aforementioned requirements. 

Patent application by our specialists 

Our patent specialists assist in all national and international procedures. They advise whether your invention is patentable, whether it is useful to patent your invention, and if so, which steps you should and should not take. They prepare a patent application for you and can handle all required procedures. 

Patent rights national 

Patent rights apply nationally. If you also want patent protection outside the Netherlands, then a national patent application in a country of your choice may be an option. Bundling a number of elective countries into a so-called international PCT, a European or – in the future – an EU patent application is also possible. 

Patent infringement 

We always seek the most effective and economical solution. If a lawsuit cannot be avoided, we help with (international) coordination and preparation of all necessary documents to support you as a patent holder.

"We always seek the most effective and economical solution"

Mélissa van Assche – Patent assistant / lawyer IP law


Copyright may exist on a book, a painting, but also on a website or a tattoo. Our legal specialists assist you in protecting and enforcing your copyright.

Legal advice and information on Copyright 

From book, painting, website to tattoo. Copyright is applicable to many expressions. Various jurisprudence in copyright law has derived from the creative solutions of the legal specialists at Muller & Eilbracht. Especially when it comes to copyright protection of technical products, one of our specialisms.

What is copyright? 

Copyright has everything to do with creation; copyright  protected is any original work bearing the makers mark. The copyright gives the creator the exclusive tight to reproduce or publish his work. Or to give others the right to do so, but under the conditions set by the creator. 

In addition to copyright areas known to the public, such  as music, books or paintings, copyright may also exist on websites, original tattoos, new products, a building plan or even om general terms and conditions. 

"Not artistic sense but originality is the criterion for obtaining copyright"

David Krantz – Legal IP advisor

Origin of copyright  

Someone who copies your text or part of it and distributes it everywhere. Or someone who prints an original painting of you on T-shirts that will be sold commercially. That is not allowed under Copyright law. Contrary to what is often thought, copyright does not only have to do with paintings, books or music – in short, art. Not artistic sense but originality is the criterion for obtaining copyright. If the work is ‘sufficiently original’, then it is automatically copyrighted. No registration or filing is required to obtain copyright protection, nor any other formality. It is nevertheless important to be able to prove your copyright. 

Legal advice in case of copyright infringement 

If you think someone is violating your copyright and you want legal advice. Or you would like to know how you can best protect the copyright in your work.

The copyright specialists of Muller & Eilbracht are ready for you.


Protect the appearance of your product or utensil effectively with a design right. Our legal specialists in design law tell us how.

Legal advisors in design law

The eye also wants something. This applies equally to products and utensils. And so companies pay a lot of attention to the design of their product and the visual aspect, matching the trademark experience. To prevent someone else from copying this, you want to protect this appearance or the design. This can be done through a design right.

What is a design?

A design is purely about the appearance of a product. To exclusively protect this design, it must at least be new and have a character of its own. The technical operation is not covered here, for this patent protection is applicable.

Design protection in the Benelux, European Union and international 

Exclusive rights to a design are obtained through a design application that shows the characteristic features of the design. Any such filing is possible for the Benelux, for the European Union and at an international level. A condition for a valid design application is that the design has to be new  for that part of the world for which you want to protect it. Protect the looks of your brand.

"Protect the looks of your brand"

Coen Groenenberg – Legal IP advisor


Would you like to know the details on trademark protection? Ask the Muller & Eilbracht trademark specialists. They know the tricks of the trade when it comes to trademark registration and trademark monitoring.

A strong trademark requires trademark registration and protection

A strong trademark requires protection to prevent others from using it without your permission. Engage our trademark lawyers for legal advice, trademark monitoring and assistance with trademark registration. 

What is a Trademark?

As an entrepreneur you use your trademark to provide your product, your company or your services with an identity and to distinguish yourself from your competitors. A trademark may be a logo, a name, a symbol or combination thereof with certain colors and design. It is a visual expression, but also shows the origin of a product or a company and it guarantees a certain quality. Distinctiveness is fundamental so that the product recognizably belongs to a certain company.

"Distinctiveness is fundamental"

David Krantz – Legal IP advisor

Filing for trademark protection 

In most countries, such as in the Benelux countries, a trademark right is created filing and registering the trademark. In the trademark application you indicate which products and/ or services are used under the trademark. This way, after registration, you will receive a monopoly on the use of your trademark for the described products or services. The stronger the distinctiveness, the wider the protection for the trademark.

As an owner of a  registered trademark, you may prohibit others from making commercial use of your trademark.

Your trademark will eventually be the basis for suppression of  competition. Have our trademark specialists advise and assist you in filing and registering a trademark. Effective and sustainable.

Protection of a trademark is for a period of 10 years and can then be extended.

Choose the countries in which you protect your trademark

Condition to obtaining  trademark protection is the registration of the trademark. You can choose trademark protection for the Benelux countries, for the European Union, as an international trademark, with potential protection in a large number of countries, or for countries individually worldwide. The route to be best followed, the requirements and costs for such protection may vary per type of protection and the desired countries. Our trademark lawyers can advise on this. Together we determine the best strategy.

Trademark monitoring by our lawyers

Registration in order. Everything seems to be boarded up. Yet someone is infringing on your trademark, without your knowledge. To prevent this, the Muller & Eilbracht trademark monitoring service exists. This service consists of a periodical survey in a certain region on registered and / or filed trademarks that are similar to your trademark. Our trademark monitoring service has a worldwide coverage, but you can also restrict this to a country or region.

Act against trademark infringement

It often happens that a competitor uses your brand for its products, or a brand very similar to your brand. If consumers are confused by this, it can cause you harm. In that case, it is important to act quickly. Our aim is always to find a solution in consultation; if this does not work, then going to court can always offer a solution.

Our starting point is to find a solution quickly and efficiently, thereby limiting your damage and – preferably – getting your damage compensated. And that at a reasonable cost. Contact our experienced trademark lawyers and the most efficient strategy will be determined in consultation with you.

In case you are accused of trademark infringement, it is also worthwhile to contact us. Our trademark lawyers analyze the situation, determine your legal position and you determine the solution that is sought. The time factor often plays a role in finding such solutions; in that case, do not wait too long to contact our trademark lawyers.


As an entrepreneur you wish to protect new developed products and knowhow. Sometimes the solution lies in suppression of unfair competition and not in intellectual property rights. 

Taking the road of unfair competition

In Dutch society has freedom of competition rules. A big thing, but competition must be done fairly. The legal specialists at Muller & Eilbracht know the rules of competition between companies and are experienced in suppression of unfair competition.

What is unfair competition? 

A healthy competitive battle is good and necessary for the forces in the market.  Competition between companies, however, is subject to certain rules. Unfair competition concerns all actions aimed at increasing operating profit, but which are unacceptable in normal trade. Misleading advertising is an example.

Work on unfair competition

As an entrepreneur you invest in the development and innovation of your company. You want to protect the results well. This can be done via copyright, trademark or patent law. Sometimes it happens that you, as an entrepreneur, are wrongfully disadvantaged by a competitor, but that the course of action does not infringe the aforementioned rights. An appeal to the concept of unfair competition can then offer a solution.

Legal advice and assistance

Because free competition is the starting point of Dutch trade, judges impose strict conditions on appeals to unfair competition. Therefore, always engage the specialists at Muller & Eilbracht for advice and legal assistance and make use of the extensive experience we have in this field. Stay sharp.

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